Monthly Archives: June 2013

Form Follows Sound: Embodied Sonic Interaction workshop @PARSONS, NYC


On June 12th-14th 2013 we gave our second workshop on Embodied Sonic Interactions at Parsons, New School of Design, New York. Myself , Baptiste Caramiaux and Atau Tanaka were invited to work with Scott Pobiner (Parsons Assistant Profes... Read More

Machine Learning of Musical Gestures: A Review


Machine learning (ML) techniques are increasingly used in a variety of fields, such as in interactive music and new digital instrument design. We want to provide the non-specialist reader an introduction to two ML tasks, classification and regression... Read More

Embodied Sonic Interactions Workshop @Goldsmiths


Few weeks ago we gave the first workshop on Embodied Sonic Interaction Design, here at Goldsmiths, University of London. The workshop is designed collaboratively between Baptiste Caramiaux, Atau Tanaka and myself. 9 participants from d... Read More