Monthly Archives: February 2013

Combining biophysical and spatial modalities for musical expression


I kicked off my PhD studies by extending the Xth Sense, a new biophysical musical instrument, based on a muscle sound sensor I developed, with spatial and inertial sensors, namely whole-body motion capture (mocap) and accelerometer. The aim: to under... Read More

Beyond recognition: Gesture Variation for Continuous Interaction


Gestural interaction has become commonplace in consumer electronics. Finger gestures captured on touch screens provide intuitive ways to interface with complex tasks, and some gestures such as pinch-zoom have become iconic. Most techniques for coding... Read More

New directions

Picture by Here we are. Last post is dated September 2012. A lot has happened since then, and here is a brief update. I've just moved to London and started working with a newly-formed research team headed by Prof. Atau Ta... Read More