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Investigations on Sonic Affordances: Sound as medium for interactions

Screenshot 2016-01-07 12.18.17

I presented a poster at the Music, Digitisation, Mediation conference in Oxford, on an initial investigation of sound-related affordances and their contribution to sound-movement relationships. The conference was organised by the Music, Digitizat... Read More

Intro to the politics of physical musical performance


This picture pretty much sums it all up. Given the interest of motion-gesture researchers in using mostly cognitive science to understand sound-making motion, there is room to explore a  politically engaged perspective that straight-forwardly addres... Read More

Towards Gestural Sonic Affordance – Paper presented at NIME 2013

The WAX3 accelerometer mounted on the forehand using a velcro strap

On May 2013, part of EAVI research group (including myself) went to NIME 2013 in Daejeon/Seoul to present our last research and performances. This year, i presented in the poster session a research paper written with Atau Tanaka and Baptiste Caram... Read More