The technological body and the performing arts: a cultural and historical review


In an attempt to map out the origins of the different perspectives on the technological body in the performing arts, I began compiling different timelines, looking at music technology, performance art, sociology of the body, system theory, natural sciences, and history. Now I’m in the process of grasping core theories in those disciplines and contextualising them in the their historical context. The next step is to find links and connections that, by sweeping across disciplines, will reveal the cultural, technological and social modalities by which the body, in the technological performance of art, has formed in the way we know it today. It is a complex research and it is proving difficult to keep focused on the subject matter, yet it is incredibly fascinating to gain a detailed map of this topic, and I’m confident it has the potential to be an interesting contribution both to the community and my own practice.
I’ll be updating the blog with further notes and thoughts as they emerge.